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I have been very lucky to be able to play so many roles  as a young  actor. I have performed  over 120 times in 5 different shows on the Edinburgh Fringe as well as transferring with one of those shows to   the Brideswell Theatre London for a  short run. I played my very first part  back in 2007. It  was the part of the swallow in The Happy Prince                                          

at the Sevenoaks Festival, and I played that role  for 6 years in different productions. Over that time there's always been something new to learn,  think about, and enjoy!


The next play I was in was Albion Forlorn

It was a satirical play about 'the state we're in' as a country, and  I was representing a youth's view of the modern world, looking at its' dark side. It got me thinking,  in particular about the way that technogy has become such a dominant force in our world, and whether that's a good or bad thing. The online world is so much a part of young lives and over the next two years I began writing about this, exploring this technical take-over. The result was a set of sketches in English Cabaret Hour


first looking at how computers can make us famous, and secondly seeing how smartphones are taking the place of talking to our friends


At the same time, I have been involved with a family project. Almost since I was born my dad has been researching my great  grandfather Sir David Maxwell Fyfe  who was a prosecutor at the Nuremburg War Crimes Trials. First he Tom Blackmore  made a film about it, called  Under An English Heaven and later, he and my mum Sue Casson  who is a songwriter, used the score from the film for a theatrical version - Dreams of Peace and Freedom (DoPaF). In DoPaF Maxwell Fyfe's words  are woven with song settings of  poetry that had inspired him and  my role was to speak these words, which to date has been the hardest part I have ever played and the most enjoyable.